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A full technical examination of the building constructions was made, evaluating the efficiency and the recovery technologies required. The certified commission of 3 experts was invited, all of them having over 30 years of similar research experience. The entire range of engineering and technical measurings, building structure tests, and estimating the condition of materials were made. All these expertise documents are fully available.
There is a complete preliminary and technical project of the building, with the carefully considered flexible possibilities to change it for different functions. This includes either exclusive private house or a guesthouse, a hotel, a medical resort or a boarding house. The Estate is a historical building protected by the state, it has a special marking on the map of Latvia. All stages of the project have the necessary allowances, permissions and visas from the corresponding local authorities.

The entire park area around the house (2.5 ha) has been cleared. The State Forest Service inspected the trees and made a sanitary felling. The park has many valuable trees aged more than 200 years. There are state-protected oak-trees registered in special lists as a national treasure, several kind of walnut trees, Canadian maples, etc. After the sanitary clearing roots have been grubbed out, making the Estate territory available for a landscape design without any large preparatory earth works.
A new electrical supply cable is connected to the building. The power supply available is 32A, three-phase, the increase is possible. An entrance distribution switchboard is mounted, ground cables for the main and the second buildings are laid. The switchboards for the entire building are designed and placed, considering equal modular power distribution. The three-phase points for construction equipment are available. Electric wiring, sockets, switches, and lighting are installed in the left side of the building.

The historical 100 m deep groundwater well is restored for the water supply. Brand new equipment has been installed and enabled. There is an economy three-phase pump with the water flow-rate up to 10 m3 per hour, elevating it up to 150 m, considering branched pipeline system capable of leading up to 300 m distance. Insulated water supply pipes are laid underground to both buildings. There is also a hydrophore system for 200 l and an expansion tank for 300 l of purified water. Water quality tests of the well water were made repeatedly; the water is absolutely ecologically pure, with no admixtures. There is a slight touch of calcium and iron, that is considered to be common in the Baltic area. There are no any factories or industrial works in 30 km radius around it. This area has not been affected by any industry, and Madliena region several times has received recognition for being the most well-groomed and ecologically clean area in Latvia. For the ultimate ideal water purification there has been installed a highly effective (up to 6 m3 per hour), double-circuit (with continuous water purification), and a multistep (aerator, 2 iron filters, 2 electronically controlled water hardness filters) water purification system. The system has been designed to be fully functional even during any failures or breakdowns at any part of the water purification equipment.

The original historical sewage system of pits and septic tanks has been restored. The building is surrounded by underground system of cesspits collecting wastewaters to the natural biological treatment system. There are three stages of septic treatment, insulated and aerated tanks sized approximately 20 m3, drain fields with the absorption capacity of more than 80 m3. Such a system operates even with large number of inhabitants (up to 300 people), it is also capable for a spa center functioning, with all saunas, a pool and hot tubs. The building has a branched pipe system been installed.
The basement of the building is fully restored, fortified and has triple insulation. During the works, the basement perimeter was exposed by small sections in staggered rows, 3-4 m wide and to the original depth, to avoid any deformation. After that, the old mortar was removed out of masonry from 50-60 cm depth, and a new mortar filled in and rammed with smaller stones. At the same time, the basement expanded broadwise as a trapezium. Ancient technologies, using lime and liquid glass, were applied; this will greatly fortify the masonry with time and increase waterproofing of the basement significantly. When dried, the mortar was smoothed, grouted, impregnated with bitumen resin, and the entire basement treated with bitumen resin and covered with 2 layers of ruberoid, then covered by soil and tramped. Thus, using this technology in small steps, the whole basement of the building was restored both inside and outside.

The left wing of the building is made of stone completely, and the same restoring process was applied there. 30 mm in diameter metal bracings are applied to the main boulders in the masonry all over the building. Therefore, every such a bracing straps and fortifies a maximum volume of constructions. All window openings are reinforced, adjacent masonry rocks have been drilled and fitted with reinforcement bars, this way creating a solid carcass. The upper wall perimeter has two reinforced horizontal layers; a binding one and another supporting the roof structure. All masonry joints were cleaned out of the old mortar and a new one was put in under pressure, this has been done both inside and outside the walls, by a small fragments, without disturbing the integrity; these seams were also reinforced by smaller rocks. These technologies allowed to fully retain the historical masonry, recovered the original strength of construction, and, with the reinforcement applied, they have also increased life span and durability of the whole building. Acoustic insulation and concrete smoothing were applied on ceilings. The roof construction has been replaced fully; new concrete roof tiling installed ļæ½ the genuine historical and durable roof material with the life expectancy over 100 years. The ecologically clean ecowool has been applied for thermal insulation. This part of the building has electrical wiring, multiple-glass pane windows in wooden frames, it has been plastered. There are fully ready for living rooms here ļæ½ a bedroom, a kitchen, a toilet, and a shower.
The left and the right parts of the building have reinforced concrete floors. Entire house has concrete finishing on the floors, with the water-heating system installed. The reinforced concrete floors were made the seat of repeatedly tramped broken rocks and bricks, this will provide not only longevity and durability, but also good sound and thermal protection. The ancient technologies were also used for restoring arches. While restoring the object, 99% of all works were made by hand, to preserve maximum of the historical structure, on the other hand that allowed to use modern building technologies to increase the durability.
The masonry of the bearing walls and partitions has been restored all over the building. All window and door openings are adjusted to similar dimensions, their heights and positions aligned relatively on the facades. All over the building, the windows of the each floor are aligned to be on the same height, they have reinforced concrete lintels solidly integrated into the bearing structure. Standard windows were ordered for the whole building to ease the restoration, and to make sure the building has a finished interior, made in one style. There are only 7-8 standard sizes of windows; altogether there are 140 windows and 60 rooms in the building. Doors are restored similarly. For the present moment windows have been installed in the left part of the Estate and in all cellars. The lowest windows have a special anti-burglary system with triple-glass panes covered with reinforcing coating film. It is impossible to break such a window to get in. Wooden windows have historically stylized design with smaller inside frames and symmetrical throwing construction.

The main building perimeter has reinforced concrete tightening band that is fastened to the masonry at each 10 cm. It also has been fixed to all inner constructions. Almost all 12.5 and 8.5 m long ceiling beams have been replaced between first and second floors; these are supporting the upper wooden construction of the building. The beams are made of whole piece of wood; to exclude deformations they where dried for more than a year. Further construction works are considered mainly fitting, and they can be finished rather quickly. The remaining capacity of roof tiles have been delivered and stored near the house. The remaining roof structure has been cleaned and ready for installation. Practically, the investments are necessary only for roofing works, the remaining inside works can be carried on at any time of the year. The masonry of the entire building has been restored, the old plaster removed. It is possible to continue electrical installation, plastering and interior finishing. For different stages of works there are some building materials available at site.
In the left part of the building the general construction works have been already finished. There are electrical installation, lighting, working sewage system, cold and hot water supply, toilet equipment, massage shower stall, and a fully finished and decorated living room. There is a marble fireplace in the room, and a designer elements painted by hand to remind palace style. Designer finishing materials have been already bought for the entire left wing.
All the necessary furniture and household appliances are available for the comfortable living of several people in the house. Digital television with 60 channels is provided. That means, there is no need to organize space for staff and security personnel during any works, or the house can be used for living immediately if required.
For the future realization of the project we can provide all our technical and consulting staff engaged in this project and who is familiar with all set of technical and communication knowledge about this estate. For foreign clients we can organize an acquisition of residence permit as well as manage receiving any necessary permits for the building process. We also provide services of registration and creation of any business companies, receiving any kind of business licenses to work in our country, as well as full range of legal and accounting support, tax consulting and optimizing, organizing of tenders and purchases at any level. The property owner is ready to provide help in consulting or ideas for the project future accomplishment.